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Loire Forex Tourism

All of the accommodation, transport, meals, guides and entrance fees are included in Rwanda gorilla tours

There is not much to do for people going on Rwanda gorilla tours. The entire trip will be planned by the tour company. Guests who are confirmed for the tour will just have to get themselves into and out of Rwanda. The Kigali International Airport has direct flights from many cities across the world. All of the accommodation, transport, meals, guides and entrance fees are included in Rwanda gorilla tours. Guests will also just have to bring along their personal items. This would include clothing, toiletries and medications. Of particular note, the following rules should be followed when packing. Pack longer sleeved, light material clothing. Clothing must be light and breathable as it a warm area and the walking will just add to the heat.

It must also be light in colour so the group does not attract any gorillas to come to close. Once the gorillas are reached during each days trek, they will only be a few metres away from you and you do not want to lure them too close. The longer clothing will also protect from the bushes and insects along the trail. If you are travelling on Rwanda gorilla tours in the rainy season then take along a raincoat as well as good hiking shoes. If you are an avid photographer and would like to bring your equipment along but think that it may be too heavy to lug around, then this can be solved by hiring out a porter. They will assist with carrying and make your journey a bit easier up the hills and rocks.


The flash facility on cameras is not allowed on Rwanda gorilla tours. This would frighten the gorillas and they will react by hiding or becoming aggressive. Guests will venture into the gorilla sanctuary on every day of the tour and trek the different areas. Once the gorillas are found, guests will get an hour to watch them and take photos. This is one of the few areas where guided tours are done directly to gorillas. In addition to flash photography, a few other rules must be followed when in the presence of the gorillas. For the most part, gorillas here have become accustomed to people watching them and do not really mind, continuing on with their business.

Groups will only go out in numbers of 8 on Rwanda gorilla tours. No more is allowed per group. There are 10 groups of gorillas in the sanctuary, so 10 groups of 8 people at a time will be allowed into the park. The tour companies and park officials arrange it so that the groups do not cross paths. Therefore there can be only 80 people in the park at a time. The sanctuary controls this number by issuing out permits. You would have to secure one to gain entry into the park area. The permit costs are quite hefty but it is from this financing that the sanctuary is able to provide the necessary services to gorillas. Guests on Rwanda gorilla tours can also hire out locals to help with their bags and equipment during hikes to further fuel the local economy.