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The Chad tour package encompasses everything that is of note in this North African country

Chad is probably one of the most underestimated countries in Africa. It offers all of the wildlife and tribal notions yet with a very distinct flavour. This is a country you would definitely want to add to a life list. The Chad tour package encompasses everything that is of note in this North African country. A visit to Chad through a tour package is done by bringing together all the factors of a successful trip.

Travel permits must be obtained before leaving for Chad. Travel companies will arrange these for their Chad tour guests. Without this permit, you would not be cleared for travel so it is vital to ensure it is handled beforehand.

Transport is an important concept on the Chad tour. The country is not much developed making it difficult for travel. Travel companies have overcome this problem by bringing in off road vehicles. 2 is sufficient for one Chad tour as the group is around 8 to 10 in size. Charter flights can be used but there will still be significant road travel. Parts of areas such as Demi and Tegeudei which house the iconic red sand deserts can only be tracked with camels. It is an interesting feature of the Chad tour.


Lodgings during the trip are done in hostels, tribal villages or camping. Hotels are used when in the capital but when venturing outwards, this is not an option. The trip can be considered rustic in nature. The Chad tour should be attempted by those who are willing to go on a truly remarkable journey, leaving modern life behind.

Guides form an integral part of the Chad tour. These are the people who will not only be responsible for the group’swellbeing and togetherness but to provide an education on Chad as a whole and all of the places that will be visited.

Entrance fees are paid by the Chad tour company. Guests will already be scheduled for certain activities such as camel riding and museum tours and can simply walk on in.

All food is provided for during the entire Chad tour. This will include 3 meals a day, though void of any alcoholic beverages which must be paid for separately. Bottled water will be given to guests during the day. At times hikes are required and water is crucial as tap water in Chad is not among the best.

A planned itinerary is the highlight of any trip. This really is the nightmarish process and leaving it in someone else’s hand makes life so much easier. Not to mention, that you would be paying for this itinerary and so the tour company is obligated to make sure it is adhered to. This is of course with the exception of out of control matters such as the weather. Mountain climbing in Archei to see cave men dwellings and drawings is not allowed if it is too windy or rainy. The pathway up is very steep and can only be accessed by walking and it is too much of a liability risk to attempt it in unstable weather. All of the significant places are also placed in the tour and time is managed well to ensure that all are visited during the limited time in the country.