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The advantage of the Danakil Photography tour is that the photography element gives purpose to a good chunk of the day

When an ordinary tour to an exotic location such as Ethiopia just will not do, then booking into a photography tour is sure to hit the spot. A landmark region for tours in the country is the Danakil Depression. Long hailed as hell on earth due to its extremely hot climate, the Danakil Photography tour is now a reality thanks to modern advancements. Undertaking the Danakil Photography tour is not just about how to navigate the terrain of the area but the route getting there as well, which is steeped with challenges. These are challenges which tour companies have put measures into place to overcome. The remoteness of the area is such that it is not wise to wander off alone. Having the backup of a specialized adventure tour company is definitely a godsend. The advantage of the Danakil Photography tour is that the photography element gives purpose to a good chunk of the day. Within the Depression itself, there is not much to do except to sight see.


The scenery is much more than anything you could ever have anticipated when the desert gives way to colourful salt mines, active volcanoes and age old stone structures. For the Danakil Photography tour, guests will arrive in the capital city of Addis Ababa. This is the only portion of the entire trip which will not be included in the package price due to flights coming in from all around the world making a uniform pricing impossible. The Danakil Photography tour is open to anyone. Book into a legitimate tour and the travel company will help with Visas and such. The entire point of booking into a holiday package deal is the affordability and having all of the prep work of a trip taken out of your hands. This is exactly what the Danakil Photography tour gives to tour guests. Although, the Danakil Photography tour is open to anyone who can secure a spot, please bear in mind that it is extremely physical in nature.

Vehicles can only take the group so far. A lot of the time is spent trekking up volcanoes or delving into the salt mine caves. You would have to get up close to get a true appreciation of the area which was formed over millennia. Since the Danakil Photography tour is not only on exploring the area but also taking images, a lot of the trip is spent in this. This is divided into 2 parts, the first is when the group will get the theory in photography and how to handle camera equipment. The second is during the outings. Once the initial sights are over, the cameras are on hand to be used. The tour guide is always on hand and at this juncture will aid the group into capturing crystal clear, specific shots. It does not matter of your knowledge level in photography because you will be placed into a tour group that is on par with your level. This must be stated when you are making your booking for the Danakil Photography tour.