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Too often it is the Amazon that most people seek out when a South American wildlife adventure is on the cards

Too often it is the Amazon that most people seek out when a South American wildlife adventure is on the cards. This region is really hard to navigate, consisting mostly of jungle terrain. A much better bet would be a Pantanal wildlife tour. The Pantanal is located close by and spans 3 countries, one of which is Brazil. Unlike the Amazon, the Pantanal does have various spots set aside for permanent lodgings. These can be used to overnight in during the Pantanal wildlife tour. There is much more scope here in terms of terrain with grasslands to wetlands and even savannah. This in turn provides much more scope for wildlife. The animal of particular interest in this region is the jaguar. They are pretty elusive creatures but nowhere else on earth would you find so many different species and a guarantee of spotting them during a tour. With the Pantanal wildlife tour, the guides have an intense knowledge of the land and how to scope them out.


Now, of course jaguars will not be the only animal of interest on the Pantanal wildlife tour. Others include reptiles, various other species of wildlife, sea mammals and of course birding. There are over 500 species of birding to look forward to in the Pantanal. This is a birders dream. Focus on the Pantanal wildlife tour will not be on birding however and if this is your sole concern then a birding tour will yield much better results. So how does one prepare for the Pantanal wildlife tour? Well first of all, by booking into a tour package to the area, almost all of the preparation will be taken out of your hand. Even the scheduling is handled by the tour company. The Pantanal wildlife tour package will be put out at the beginning of the year. Travel companies put out the tour to happen during the middle part of the year, to coincide with the dry season.

With all of the flooding and, mudslides and animal hibernation, it would not be worth it to go at any other part of the year. It is quite a sought after tour package. You see, because of the cheapness of the travel package combined with the sheer amount of things to see and do in the Pantanal, people wait for tour spots to become available. The Pantanal is a widely conserved region. The greatest of efforts are done to maintain this. As such, the area is protected from a mass overload of people. Therefore, travel companies only have so many spots to sell for the Pantanal wildlife tour. Preference is given for spaces to clients who have long been loyal to the travel company. So you would generally do your normal holiday tour spots and then aim for something as extraordinary as the Pantanal wildlife tour. Once you are confirmed, you would pack up and leave for your wildlife holiday. There really is nothing else for you to do except to sit back and enjoy the fully planned trip.