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Most Essential Tips for Visiting Burj Khalifa

BurjKhalifa is the tallest building in the world situated in Dubai. It is one of the major attractions and always in the checklist for any expat visiting Dubai. Majority of the people visiting Dubai likes to experience the amazing skyscraper i.e. Burjkhalifa. It is an astounding place which attracts people from all over the world to visit Dubai and get a view from Burj Khalifa at the top observation deck.

Facts about BurjKhalifa

Burjkhalifa has an impressive set of facts which includes the following;

  • It is the tallest building stretches upto 828 meters.
  • It has total 163 floors.
  • The BurjKhalifa also has the longest elevator distance of around 1654 feet.
  • It has the second highest observation deck on the 148th floor at around 1821 feet
  • Highest restaurant of the world that is on a height of 1450 feet along with highest nightclub on 144th floor.

How to plan your visit to BurjKhalifa?

Planning to visit BurjKhalifa? Make sure that you know the operational hours, contact number and metro stop so that you can reach at the right time prior to closing. BurjKhalifa is opened every day from 8.30 AM to midnight every day and the last entry closes at around 45 minutes before the closing hours.  Entry to BurjKhalifa and its tickets can either be bought online or from the lower ground level of Dubai Mall. The nearest metro stop to reach BurjKhalifa is Dubai Mall.


When is the best time to visit?

If you are looking to get the best view of Burjkhalifa at the top then you must be aware about the best time to visit. Usually,the sunset hours (between 5.30 to 6.30 PM) are considered to be prime hours. Therefore, if you are willing to take pictures from the top of BurjKhalifa during sunset hours, it is recommended to purchase a 5PM ticket. If you enter building this time, you can click some beautiful pictures and also spend couple of hours. If you wish to see sunrise, then buy tickets that allows you entry at 5.30 AM on Friday and Saturday only.

Purchasing BurjKhalifa Tickets

There are two observation decks at BurjKhalifa. The lower observation deck is also known as “At the Top” is at 124th floor. The prices of the ticket vary depending on which deck you are choosing to visit and at what time of the day you want to visit. During sunset hours ticket prices go up by 75 AED. You have an option to purchase tickets at the lower ground level of Dubai Mall.

If you want to get some discount on the tickets then you must purchase tickets in advance or opt for online options. It is even advisable to plan your tour at least couple of weeks ahead or before the peak season such that tickets can be purchased at affordable prices. There is also provision of fast track ticket which gives you priority access and allows you to skip elevator queues.

BurjKhalifaat the Top – A Short Guide

How much time you want to spend at the top of BurjKhalifa depends on your choice. Most people choose to spend around 1 hour. If you wish to be in the premises for at least one hour, keep at least 2 hours in your hand. Your time will also be consumed while purchasing tickets and waiting in queues. You may have to spend some additional time to reach elevator which gets you to the top. There are both outdoor and indoor areas at the observation deck. The indoor area gives you north,west and south view and is completely air conditioned deck surrounded by glass panels. You can also choose to purchase some souvenirs from gift shops. The outdoor deck consists of remaining space which gives you the north, east and south view.

The Last Words

Key to visiting BurjKhalifa is booking your tickets in advance especially if you want to avoid the waiting list. Also, you need to dressup properly as they have formal dress code for men and semi-formal for women. Make sure to wear proper shoes instead of flip flops or trainers, otherwise you might be restrained from entering the premises. Keep followingthe tips mentioned above and stay prepared for watching some of the most breathtaking views of Dubai from BurjKhalifa at the top.