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Tel Aviv is a place with a great history attached to it. Ranking the second in Israel this city definitely, this city attracts a lot of tourists every year. If your purpose though travelling to Tel Aviv is education tourism, then this place will never prove to be a disappointment for you. With its rich culture and welcoming attitude, this place definitely knows how to attract tourists and set a memory in them and that too such a good one then you would never try to forget it even. Isn’t this an educational experience enough? Tel Aviv flights travel to and from almost all international places, so if the information below interests you, you know how to reach Tel Aviv.



  • The Museums:

The museums of Tel Aviv definitely do not need an extra mentioning. There are so many museums that it may cover up your entire trip trying to complete all, let us make an attempt of cutting the list down for you, so you can visit different places too.

–          The Palmach Museum: This museum is located in Ramat Aviv, is inaugurated in the year 2000. It is created in the memory of Palmach who had contributed much while creation of the Israel city took place.

–          Beit Hatfutsot: Also known as the museum of the Jewish People, this beauty was inaugurated in the month of May, 1978. It is also situated in the campus of the very famous, Tel Aviv University. This museum shows the history of the Jewish people, through various audios and videos. It has 6 different themed parts to itself. In the year 2011 the government has passed permission for its expansion.

–          Ilana Goor Museum: Created in the year, 1995, this is a true piece of beauty. It is located in the shore of Tel Aviv and Old Jaffa City. Ilana Goor had herself created this museum to flaunt her collection of arts, she had collected over years of travelling over various places. Now that is what we call true sharing of knowledge.

–          Tel Aviv Museum Of Art: History in history, this museum is where the declaration of Independence was signed. After the death of his wife in the year 1930 Deingzoff, donated his house to the city and expressed his desire of seeing this house getting turned into a museum. After some renovations this house finally turned into a museum.

  • The Universities:

There are good universities to Tel Aviv. They are definitely worth a visit. Art colleges and theatrical colleges thrive in Tel Aviv.

  • Other places near to Tel Aviv:

Old Jaffa is the famous historical place where Jonah was said to board the ship and then got swallowed by a fish. Jerusalem is also worth a mention of its own, a very good place to have a visit in the name of history. It is just located at a distance of 90 km north to Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv flights also travel to Jerusalem if you want to avoid hectic travels.