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Romantic Things To Do During Your Honeymoon In Bali

Now that you have finally tied the knot and are done with the hassle of the wedding. It’s time to enjoy your honeymoon. With your new spouse by your side, you are marking a new beginning of your life together. And what better way to do so spending it on the Indonesian coast of Bali.

Well, Bali has one of the most beautiful sites in a world filled with so much to do, but we shall focus on the romantic getaways for you and your darling. The best thing about visiting Bali is that sites such as The Seven Holiday, for instance, has made it easy for newlyweds to access such services. From the moment of arrival to the moment of departure. Every couple will leave closer than never before.

  1. Wish Upon The Great Banyan Tree

It is every newlywed wish to kick off the marriage life the best way possible. And what better way than to wish upon the Giant Banyan Tree that stands 85 feet above ground in the Gesing Village, north of Bali. To the natives, the Banyan tree is a symbol of immortality, and they believe that there are spirits that inhibit its branches. They also believe that whatever wish you make upon the tree, it is bound to come true. Well, wouldn’t it be an excellent idea to want a prosperous marriage and a happy one too?

2. Take Up A Couples Horse Riding With Bali Equestrian Center

Just like the movies, an hour or two long rides along the sandy beaches of Bali during sunset will unquestionable mark an experience of a lifetime. The Equestrian center horseback ride will take you through impeccable breathtaking sceneries and mark unforgettable memories. Right beside the love of your life, you will be guided through fields of rice, villages, across creeks, bridges, and temples all set beside the beach panorama.

3. Take Up A Couples Spa Day At Spring Spa

From a vast selection of relaxation activities to choose from at the Spring Spa in Bali, a spa day with your new spouse sounds like a fantastic way to spend your honeymoon. The spa offers aromatherapy, stone massages, body scrubs, body wraps, and sauna treatment, to mention a few. A thirty to ninety-minute-long rub down session of either of the treatments mentioned besides your loved one is a fantastic excursion.

4. Have Sunset Dinner At Jimbaran Bay

To top it all off, you and your new husband or wife can enjoy a sunset dinner at the beautiful Jimbaran Bay. Newlyweds can enjoy the exclusive and beautifully set dinner tables on the beachfront overlooking the scenic Jimbaran Bay. With their feet in the sand and a cocktail at hand, they also get to enjoy the wide selection of foods. From the local seafood package or the a la carte menu.

Take Away

Additionally, the new couple may visit a few of the parks in the islands and take a few lessons on individual water sports. And before leaving for home, shop for a few silver relics in the Celuk village. Bali is a destination that will unquestionably create the best memories for your honeymoon.